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Recruiting & Retaining Women: A Self-Assessment Guide for Law Enforcement. Does not include appendixes.

Publication year: 2000

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  • 016665

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  • 2000
  • 232 pages.
Issues that must be addressed when a law enforcement agency tries to increase its female staff are examined. Chapters look at: the advantages of hiring and retaining more women; assessing the organization; developing a job description; recruiting quality candidates; removing obstacles in the selection process; designing quality recruit academies and field training programs; mentoring to increase retention; valuing civilian employees; implementing family-friendly policies; monitoring performance evaluations; assignments and promotion; preventing sexual and gender harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; ensuring impartial internal investigations and discipline systems; developing effective awards and recognition programs; areas for further research; and reader comments. Appendixes include sample job descriptions, recruiting posters, and policies.