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Alternatives to the Death Penalty Information Pack

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"A short guide to the fundamental issues and arguments linked to introduction of alternative sanctions following abolition of the death penalty. It reviews current trends in the application of long-term and life imprisonment, highlighting relevant international and regional human rights standards and provides examples of good practice." Sections cover: the declining use of the death penalty; alternatives to the death penalty—a review of current practices—what a life sentence is, long and determinate prison sentences, indeterminate or reducible life sentences, preventive detention, mandatory and discretionary life sentences, and de facto sentences; the increasing use of "life" and long-term sentences; life imprisonment without the possibility of parole (LWOP); a human rights framework for life and long-term prisoners; use of solitary confinement for life and long-term prisoners; vulnerable life and long-term prisoners; prison management and resources; monitoring prisons where life and long-term prisoners are held; social integration of life and long-term prisoners; life and long-term sentencing practices in PRI countries; and 12 steps toward alternative sanctions to the death penalty.

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2nd Edition
70 pages