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Trapp, Don

"This report summarizes the primary findings and recommendations from a pretrial analysis for Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Peter Koutoujian, Sheriff of Middlesex County acted on behalf of multiple justice system stakeholders in the county to request technical assistance to receive an analysis of the pretrial jail population, trend analysis and related practices. The purpose of which is to examine the possible causes of increasing numbers of pretrial defendants remaining in custody, leading to overcrowding and subsequent jail cap releases" (p. 4). Sections of this report include: Middlesex County overview; infrastructure; jail and pretrial process analysis; challenges and opportunities—coordination and collaborative decision-making, data driven decisions, risk informed, outcome measures, outcome focused, and deliberate and affirmative decisions; and seven recommendations. "This addendum to the December 2014 report is being prepared in response to questions and discussions that have occurred since its release … this new analysis does not invalidate the summary and conclusions of the original report. Specifically, the need for improved collaboration and coordination between the major stakeholders; the need to develop, maintain, and utilize system performance and outcome measures in driving policy, and the need to address case processing issues such as: risk-based versus money bail release decisions, and pretrial supervision and diversion options " (p. 2).

Pretrial Analysis for Middlesex County, Massachusetts Technical Assistance Report and Addendum cover
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