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Document 031338
Arts Infusion Initiative, 2010-15: Evaluation Report
By Yahner, Jennifer; Hussemann, Jeanette; Ross, Caroline; Gurvis, Annie; Paddock, Ellen; Vasquez-Noriega, Carla; Yu, Lilly. Chicago Community Trust (Chicago, IL); National Guild for Community Arts Education (New York, NY). Urban Institute. Arts Infusion Initiative Evaluation (Washington, DC).
"In 2010, an ambitious model for social change emerged in Chicago that aimed to connect detained youth and those at risk for incarceration (“at-risk youth”) to rigorous and engaging arts instruction, infused with social and emotional learning goals. Dubbed the Arts Infusion Initiative, the Chicago Community Trust (“the Trust”) spearheaded and funded this five year, $2.5 million demonstration while earning cooperation from the local detention facility, public school system, community policing off... Read More

139 pages
Document 028365
Breaking Into Prison: Art Education in Action
By Sullivan, Robert Jerome.
This paper will be of interest to those who are beginning to investigate the benefits of institutional art programming. "This capstone study examines information about the use of art education in Florida prisons. The project’s objectives raise important questions about the role and status of art education in Florida prisons. Additionally, incorporated in the findings is a discussion concerning the need for establishing long-term, publicly funded art education in today’s corrections environment …... Read More
49 pages
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