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NAPSA: NIC Track: Plenary Session

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Pretrial Services Role in identifying and mitigating racial and ethnic disparities in release and supervision.
Implicit bias is pervasive in American culture and clearly impacts equity, inclusion, and decision making in criminal justice systems. The pretrial phase includes multiple decision points where racial, ethnic, and gender disparities can exist. High functioning pretrial service agencies can be critical in identifying and mitigating these disparities in part by evaluating and highlighting data on release/detention and supervision decisions and outcomes.

Please join pretrial executives from across the county to share their data, discuss initial findings, and wrestle with ongoing concerns from state (Kentucky), metropolitan (Harris County, Texas and Pima County, Arizona) and rural agency (Kennebec County, Maine) perspectives.


  • Lori Eville, Correctional Program Specialist, National Institute of Corrections


  • Dr. Kelvin L. Banks, Director, Pretrial Services, Harris County, TX
  • Tara Boh Blair, Executive Officer, Kentucky Courts, Pretrial Services
  • Domingo Corona, Director, Pretrial Services, Pima County, AZ
  • Elizabeth Simoni, Executive Director, Maine Pretrial Services, Inc.
Event Date: 
Tuesday 22nd September at 1:00pm