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Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) (Silver Spring, MD)

A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems

This report is essential reading for individuals wanting to achieve measurable reductions of pretrial misconduct and post-conviction reoffending.

Increasing Public Safety Through Successful Offender Reentry: Evidence-Based and Emerging Practices in Corrections

The implementation of an effective offender reentry framework is explained.

TPC Reentry Handbook: Implementing the NIC Transition from Prison to the Community Model

The TPC Reentry Handbook is a resource for a broad range of stakeholders involved in improving transition and reentry practices.

Getting It Right: Collaborative Problem Solving for Criminal Justice

This guide spells out a practical team-based approach to planning and implementing the kind of criminal justice system a community wants.

The Role of Facilitators and Staff in Supporting Collaborative Teams

The need for facilitators and staff to support collaborative teams is explained.

Supermax Prisons and the Constitution: Liability Concerns in the Extended Control Unit

This monograph will help prisons operate ultra-high-security facilities in a way that minimizes liability in litigation.

Parole Violations Revisited: A Handbook on Strengthening Parole Practices for Public Safety and Successful Transition to the Community

This handbook helps agencies to to assess parole violation and revocation policy and practice, identify targets of change, and mobilize for change.

Responding to Parole and Probation Violations: A Handbook to Guide Local Policy Development

This handbook discusses policy responses to probation and parole violations that enhance the effectiveness of supervision while also improving community safety.

Policy-Driven Responses to Probation and Parole Violations

The author describes the experiences of probation and parole agencies from across the country that worked with NIC on developing innovative approaches to probation and parole violations and revocations.


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