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National Institute Of Corrections (NIC) Academy (Aurora, CO)

Correctional Trainer

This DACUM profile describes the competencies expected of a Correctional Trainer.

Hitting the Wall: Dealing with Stress in Corrections [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]

Issues surrounding stress in a correctional setting, like the effects, sources, and symptoms of stress, burnout, and coping strategies, are covered during this 6.5 hour course.

Corrections Budgets in Free Fall: Finding Opportunities in Turbulent Times [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held on April 15, 2009]

This 3-hour program provides an overview of opportunities that can help correctional organizations stay afloat in the current environment.

Gender Responsive Classification Instruments for Women Offenders: What Do They Look Like and How Will They Improve Practice? [Lesson Plan]

This two-hour training session is for correctional managers wanting to implement risk and needs assessments for adult female offenders.

Executive Training for Newly Appointed Juvenile Facility Directors [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]

This 36-hour training program targets skills needed to effectively lead a juvenile corrections or detention facility.

Meeting the Needs of Female Juvenile Offenders [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]

This 38-hour course is designed to help juvenile justice agencies evaluate and respond to the needs of juvenile female offenders.

PMR: Public and Media Relations: Gaining Confidence and Competence

This two-hour DVD training course presents techniques for interacting effectively with the public and press.

Pretrial Justice: Principles and Practices

This two-hour program discusses strategies for developing an effective pretrial process.

The Facilitator's Guide

This self-paced, self-instruction course explains the role and responsibilities of a jail inspector. 

Emergency Preparedness Assessment Resource Supplements

Supplemental resources for the training program "Emergency Preparedness Assessment" are presented.


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