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Capital punishment

Prison Guards and the Death Penalty

This paper covers how correctional officers, both working on death row and present at executions, are deeply impacted by their work.

The Death Penalty: Myths & Realities: Quick Answers to Common Questions

This booklet allows readers to read the myth and turn over a flap to discover the reality to common questions about the death penalty.

Battle Scars: Military Veterans and the Death Penalty

This report encourages more scrutiny when using the dealth penalty against veterans with PTSD or mental disabilities stemming from their service.

Alternatives to the Death Penalty Information Pack|Second Edition

This is a short guide to the fundamental issues and arguments linked to introduction of alternative sanctions following abolition of the death penalty.

The 2% Death Penalty: How a Minority of Counties Produce Most Death Cases At Enormous Costs to All

This report focuses on how the death penalty is being used by a small minority of counties, while most counties do not.

A Death Before Dying: Solitary Confinement on Death Row

This briefing paper offers a first critical overview of solitary confinement on death row.

Executing the Will of the Voters?: A Roadmap To Mend or End the California Legislature’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Death Penalty Debacle

While this article looks at the death penalty in California, it gives other states good suggestions for dealing with problems in their own death penalty systems.

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