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Juvenile justice, Administration of

Training Programs for Juvenile Corrections Professionals, June 1, 2004 - May 31, 2005

This describes the training programs and technical assistance available from the NIC Academy Division through an interagency partnership with OJJDP.

Juveniles Who Sexually Offend (JwSO): An Overview

This excellent presentation provides a wealth of information about juvenile sex offenders.

Fact Sheet: Incarcerated Women and Girls

This fact sheet is a concise resource showing the increase in the number of females and girls being incarcerated and compares between the genders.

Maltreatment of Youth in U.S. Juvenile Corrections Facilities: An Update

This report, a follow-up to No Place For Kids [2011], introduces new evidence on the maltreatment of youth in juvenile corrections facilities.

Policy Review and Development Guide: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Persons in Custodial Settings, 2nd Edition

This guide is aimed at helping correctional agencies identify, address, and respond to abuse of LGBTI individuals through policies and procedures.

LGBT Youth in Juvenile Justice: Creating Agency Policies for an Equitable System Webinar

This webinar discusses the need for agency policies to support LGBT young people in the juvenile justice system. Example policies are included.

Reducing Juvenile Recidivism Interactive Checklists

These checklists assess whether juvenile justice system’s policies and practices are aligned with research on “what works” to reduce recidivism.

Studying Deterrence Among High-Risk Adolescents

This bulletin examines the impact of sanctions, whether threatened or applied, on deterrence of crime by high-risk adolescents.

Safeguarding the Rights of Girls in the Criminal Justice System: Preventing Violence, Stigmatization and Deprivation of Liberty

This international report contains an overview of girls in criminal justice and how to prevent and respond to violence against girls.

Trends in Juvenile Justice State Legislation 2011-2015

Recent trends in juvenile justice legislation across the country represent a significant new direction to broadly reform justice systems.


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