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Adult Pre-Release Handbook: Pre-Release Information for an Informed Re-Entry and a Successful Transition

This guide will help offenders in determining where they are at in terms of preparing for release and in creating a plan to succeed once they leave prison. 

Jails in America: A Report on Podular Direct Supervision

This video is an excellent introduction to the use of podular direct supervision.

“Give Us Free”: Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations

This article considers racial disparities that occur nationally in the bail determination process, due in large part to the lack of uniformity, resources, and information provided to officials in bail proceedings.

Ramsey County Proxy Tool Norming & Validation Results

Results are presented from a norming and validation study of the Ramsey County Proxy assessment tool.

Estimating the Benefits of a Faith-Based Correctional Program

This study estimates a faith-based prisoner reentry program’s benefits by examining recidivism and post-release employment.

Title: Evidence Handling

This policy establishes the procedures that define how to collect and manage crime scene evidence.

DOCCR Validation Study of the Research Institute on Addiction Sefl-Inventory (RIASA)

This study looks to determine the validity of the Research Institute on Addiction Self-Inventory (RIASI) in risk screening DWI offenders.

The Effects of Prison Visitation on Offender Recidivism

The influence visitation has on the recidivism of visited prisoners is examined.

Avoiding Inmate Setups

This in depth interview is with an expert at manipulating jail and prison staff.

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