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Offender assessment

Evaluating the Predictive Validity of Risk/Need Assessments: Recommendations for Correctional Agencies and Criminal Justice Researchers (2013)

These presentation slides should be read before anyone begins to investigate which risk/needs instrument to use in their agency or organization. 

Prisoner Recidivism Analysis Tool

This analysis tool allows users to calculate recidivism rates for persons released from state prisons.

Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment Tools: A Review

This report provides an understanding of intimate partner violence risk assessment tools and of the issues that assessors should consider.

Can Risk Assessment Improve Juvenile Justice Practices?

This study examines the implementation of risk/needs assessment tools, and what effects it had on the practices of the probation officer.

Years of Predicting Dangerously

This report looks at recent empirical evidence for clinical adjustments to actuarial-based risk prediction for sexually violent predators (SVPs).

DOCCR Validation Study of the Research Institute on Addiction Sefl-Inventory (RIASA)

This study looks to determine the validity of the Research Institute on Addiction Self-Inventory (RIASI) in risk screening DWI offenders.

The Role of Screening and Assessment in Jail Reentry

This brief presents the two-stage screening and assessment process to determine risk and needs levels that are a core element of the TJC model.

A Multi-State Recidivism Study Using Static-99R and Static-2002 Risk Scores and Tier Guidelines from the Adam Walsh Act

This report investigates the effectiveness of various sex offender classification instruments which is important in determining best practices.

Desktop Guide for Tribal Probation Personnel: The Screening and Assessment Process

This guide is intended to provide tribal probation personnel with information on how the screening and assessment process can facilitate and promote offender accountability and long-term behavior change.

State of the Science of Pretrial Risk Assessment

This publication is designed for a wide-ranging audience of criminal justice stakeholders who have questions about pretrial risk assessment and its value to the pretrial justice process.


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