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  • Starts Jul. 08, 2014
    Correctional Leadership Development
  • Starts Jun. 01, 2014
    Executive Excellence Program
  • The Academy Division sponsors technical assistance, training, networks, and information services.

    The Leadership and Management initiative offers a broad range of developmental programs for future executives who will lead their agencies. In addition to executive development efforts, NIC offers programs for senior-level and mid-level managers. At all levels, NIC’s leadership and management development programs address personal growth, professional development, and such strategies as dealing with change, technology, multigenerational workforces, and organizational transformation.

    The Workplace Learning and Staff Performance Enhancement initiative represents NIC’s effort to help build staff training and development capacity in correctional agencies. Click here for resources for trainers and curriculum designers.

    The Regional Training initiative functions as a national network, coordinated through four regions, that enables NIC to support correctional training nationwide. Through its regional focus, NIC supports the delivery of corrections-related training and the development of training resources at minimal cost to local and state governments. It is made possible by volunteer trainers in each region and the generous support of the volunteer agencies and other participating groups.

    The NIC Learning Center offers corrections practitioners access to a professional skills library of approximately 200 Web-based courses (or e-courses) covering 20 specialized correctional topics. It also hosts live online training programs (virtual instructor-led training or VILT) on a variety of topics and accommodates online registration for traditional classroom training programs (instructor-led training or ILT).

    Also managed by the Academy, are NIC's Satellite/Internet Broadcasts ,which offer video learning and training opportunities for panelists and participants to address current and pressing topics in corrections.

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    Available Training Opportunities

    • Starts Jul. 08, 2014 - Correctional Leadership Development
      Through the use of instrumentation, participant dialogue, strategic thinking, and experiential activities, participants identify their leadership strengths and create a personal leadership development plan.
    • Starts Jun. 01, 2014 - Executive Excellence Program
      This 10-month executive development program offers innovative learner-centered and competency-based training for future leaders of corrections agencies.
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