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Youthful Offenders in Adult Corrections: Effective Interventions
  • [Videoconference held September 15-19, 2003]
  • Publication year: 2003 | Cataloged on: Sep. 13, 2011

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    • 2003
    • 3 DVDs (554 min.) + 1 CD

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    Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: This 32-hour program presents a research-based, practical curriculum that teaches principles and implementation of effective interventions ("what works") within the context of managing youthful offenders in an adult correctional environment. This highly interactive approach to training both security and treatment staff uses modeled behaviors and guided practice for developing skills needed to work with this unique offender population.

    The training program combines all of the elements of effective interventions to help agencies build programs that effect offender behavior change and reduce recidivism. The participant's manual is on the CD.
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