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Publication year: 2010 | Cataloged on: May. 27, 2010

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  • 2010
  • 33 pages.
ANNOTATION: A collection of links and other information about prisoners' rights can be found at this website. Resources are organized into the following topical areas: substantive law—international, federal, state, foreign, and Council of Europe; procedural law—due process, federal, state, exhaustion of remedies, and remedies; commentary—research guides, statistics, reports and articles, online resources, agencies, and organizations; censorship; classification; conditions of confinement; cruel and unusual punishment; death penalty; drug treatment; drug testing; educational rights; health; labor and employment; legal assistance; library services; marriage; mental health; parenting; privacy; private prisons; procreation; racism; re-entry; religion; safety; visitation; vocational training; voting; special populations—aging, disabled, juveniles, mentally ill, LGBT (lesbian, gay, transgender, and intersex), poverty, sex offenders, and women; print resources; journals and news; Westlaw and Lexis databases; evaluating Internet resources; and law practice resources.
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