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Women Offender Transition and Reentry: Gender Responsive Approaches to Transitioning Women Offenders from Prison to the Community

Publication year: 2005

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  • 2005
  • 44 pages.
Thumbnail preview "This document summarizes the work on gender responsive approaches to women offenders in the context of the TPC [Transition from Prison to Community] Initiative, a system-wide approach to facilitating more effective transition of offenders from prison to the community" (p. 37). Sections comprising this report are: introduction; the need for gender responsiveness; women and transition -- assessment, behavior and programming, release preparation, release preparation; release, supervision and services, responses to violations, discharge, and aftercare; planning for a system-wide approach to transition;and conclusion. Appended are the diagrams "Critical Questions in Five Basic Life Areas at Key Decision Points of the TPC" and "Integrating Five Basic Life Areas of Women Offenders and Key Decision Points of the TPC."