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Senate Bill No. 81, Chapter 175

Publication year: 2007

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  • 2007
  • 36 pages.
This bill amends sections of California's Government Code, Penal Code, and Welfare and Institutions Code related to corrections. Required changes will affect reporting of site assessments, master planning, funding for new jail construction, budget, operational and fiscal information, assessment of facility maintenance, reimbursement for detention costs, approval and administrative oversight of appropriated funds, approval for housing older juveniles, authority of juvenile courts, juvenile parole supervision, composition of the State Commission on Juvenile Justice, Youthful Offender Block Grant Program establishment, construction of a local youthful offender rehabilitation facility, telephone services to inmates, funding for offender rehabilitation, probation pilot project funding, and reimbursement of local agencies and school districts. Bill provisions are severable and "to take effect immediately as urgency statutes" p. 6.