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Women and Work: Gender Responsivity and Workforce Development
  • [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held September 24-25, 2008]
  • Publication year: 2008 | Cataloged on: Apr. 24, 2009

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    • 2008
    • 4 DVDs (353 min) + 1 CD

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    Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: This training program presents strategies for making women offender workplace development programs more responsive to their clients. Topics include:
    • Emerging evidence-based gender responsive practices
    • Information strategies and case management models
    • Career theories and assessment tools
    • Collaborative relationships that support effective reentry
    • How a history of criminal convictions impacts job search efforts
    • Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM)
    • Strengths and needs of female offenders
    • Motivational interviewing & relational language
    • Transitional and social learning theories
    • What is in it for the system and staff
    • Pains of imprisonment
    • Assessment classification and gender responsive tools
    • Examples of best practices
    • And more.
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