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Services to Incarcerated People and Ex-Offenders

Publication year: 2010

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  • 2010
  • 2 pages.
This website is a must visit for those people who want to help inmates and ex-offenders find the information they need to succeed in their lives. Links are provided to ALA resources, additional resources, and selected websites (according to juvenile, family, and libraries) for library service to incarcerated people. Items include: “OLOS Columns Blog: Stories from the Field, Bibliographies, and Other Items”; “Facts About Prisons and Prisoners”; “Prisoners Re-Entering the Community”; “Books Behind Bars: Is Correctional Librarianship a Job for You?” by Justine Johnson; “Select Readings about Prison Libraries and Advocacy Resources for U.S. Prison Librarians and Prisoners” by Brenda Vogel; and “Prisoners in the Legal System: A Selective Bibliography” by Margaret Moreland and Stacy Etheredge.