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Romantic Relationships with Inmates

Publication year: 2011

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  • 2011
  • 41 pages
Thumbnail preview Strategies for addressing romantic relationships between female correctional staff and inmates are discussed. What makes this paper so important is the lack of research that exists for addressing improper relations between female staff and offenders. Sections following an abstract include: literature review—introduction, staff/inmate inappropriate relationships, possible traits and/or situations placing female staff at risk such as the “Bad Boy” attraction, low self-esteem, the "Mentor", and insecure home life, and possible remedies like stricter institutional policies, enforcement of current state and/or federal laws, and Personal Boundaries Training; research methodology; qualitative and quantitative results; and discussion. Personal Boundaries Training appears to be the best intervention since the participants believe that it “would afford correctional staff, both males and females, the opportunity to better prepare themselves to fend off inmates’ attempts of manipulation and reduce the occurrences of inappropriate relationships” (p. 31).