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Prison Gangs: A Review and Survey of Strategies

Publication year: 2009
Thumbnail preview Results are reported from a study about gangs and Security Threat Groups (STGs) in U.S. prisons. In particular, gang interventions, identification and mapping of gangs, and gang management strategy evaluation are examined. Findings are organized into the following areas: STG and gang membership; STG management strategies; strategies for reducing STG recruitment; reducing STG influence; STG and gang renunciation and treatment; and STG and gang investigation. “Overall, while there is clear evidence showing that prison gangs/STG represent significant challenges for American prison systems, there is no one clear strategy for the management, monitoring, or evaluating the relative effectiveness of current gang management interventions. The primary reason for the lack of coordination and/or investigation is attributable to a lack of resources for STG investigations and coordination between the different jurisdictions (e.g., local jails, as well as state and federal prisons)” (p. 5).