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Improving Reentry for Ex-Offenders in San Diego County: SB 618 Third Annual Evaluation Report

Publication year: 2010
“The Senate Bill (SB) 618 San Diego Prisoner Reentry Program was developed in order to close this revolving door to prison by providing tangible reentry support services. Key program components are based on best practices and include conducting screenings and assessments and providing case management and services to meet identified needs. The process begins before sentencing and continues through imprisonment, as well as up to 18 months post-release” (p. iii). This report presents findings regarding SB 618’s effectiveness in reducing the recidivism of ex-offenders. Results from this evaluation may prove helpful for other jurisdictions as more inmates are transferred from state control to supervision carried out by local agencies. Chapters following an executive summary are: introduction and project overview; evaluation methodology; process evaluation—program implementation and management; process evaluation results—service needs and delivery; impact evaluation—ex-offender behavior; impact evaluation—risk reduction; impact evaluation—program satisfaction; and conclusions. SB 618 reduced recidivism by 17% and costs by $10 million over five years.