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A Checklist for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices and Programs (EBPs) for Justice-Involved Adults with Behavioral Health Disorders

Publication year: 2012 | Cataloged on: Dec. 06, 2012
Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: An “easy-to-use checklist to help behavioral health agencies assess their utilization of EBPs associated with positive public safety and public health outcomes” is presented (p. 2). The checklist is divided into two sections. Section One: questions regarding whether an organization has the components in place to build a cross-collaborative system to support the implementation of EBPs. This checklist is divided into columns noting steps (elements in place), rationale, actions, and progress (no progress, in progress, or completed). Section Two: assessing and implementing effective programs—a collection of EBPs determined to be extremely useful in the care and treatment of this special population. These are evidence-based programs, evidence-based practices, promising programs, and promising practices for mental health treatment and for substance abuse and dependence treatment. This checklist is divided into four columns—domains, description, implementation and access status (fully, partially, or not at all), and agency capacity to implement EBP (within the agency of within partnering agencies).
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