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Against All Odds: Prison Conditions for Youth Offenders Serving Life without Parole Sentences in the United States

Publication year: 2012 | Cataloged on: Nov. 21, 2012

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  • 2012
  • 53 pages
Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: The conditions faced by juveniles sentenced to die in prisons are described. This report covers the breadth of a youth’s life - from entering incarceration until they pass away. Five sections follow a summary and recommendations: introduction--potential for rehabilitation; physical harm and mistreatment in adult prisons; limited access to education and rehabilitation; psychological harm; and conclusion. “Youth offenders sentenced to life without parole enter prison while they are still growing up and deserve an opportunity to change. Brain science shows that youth are different from adults, their neurological systems still developing. Human rights law mandates that youth offenders be treated differently from adults and, to our knowledge, not a single youth offender is serving this sentence anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, federal and state legislators in the United States continue to turn their backs on the science and remain out of step with practice elsewhere, forcing youth offenders serving life without parole to forfeit whatever their future might have held in store for them” (p. 1).
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