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Uncomfortable Places, Close Spaces: Female Correctional Workers' Sexual Interactions With Men and Boys in Custody

Publication year: 2012

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  • 2012
  • 56 pages
'This Article examines female-perpetrated sexual abuse in custodial settings and its place at the intersection of race, class, and gender in order to disentangle complex and overlapping narratives of abuse, sex, desire, and transgression. Ultimately, this Article confronts our discomfort with and reluctance to acknowledge the fact that women sexually abuse men and boys in custody, and it offers possible explanations for these behaviors' (p. 1690). The following sections are contained in this article: introduction; women's emergence in correctional spaces'Black women's entry as workers in the criminal justice system, the current state of female correctional workers, and the work experiences of female correctional workers; sexual abuse of males in custody'female correctional workers as perpetrators; intersectional analysis and female correctional workers who abuse men and boys in custody'power, hegemony, and sexual abuse of men and boys in custody, and race, class, and social capital; and sex, desire, and transgression; and conclusion'what a good feminist would do.