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Strategic Segregation in the Modern Prison

Publication year: 2011 | Cataloged on: Feb. 20, 2013

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  • 2011
  • 110 pages
Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: 'In the Los Angeles County Jail'the biggest jail system in the country'officials have found a way to increase the personal security of gay men and trans women detainees without forcing them to choose between safety and community. For more than two decades, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department (the Department), which runs the County's jail system, has been systematically separating out the gay men and trans women admitted to the L.A. County Jail (the Jail) and housing them wholly apart from GP [general population]' (p. 3). This article is provides a great description of this segregated unit, designated as K6G, and is divided into four parts: prison rape, hypermasculinity, and the feminization of victims; the origins, mechanics, and effects of Los Angeles County's K6G Unit; K6G or not K6G'three critical perspectives''demoralizing and dangerous'--the antisegregationist objection, drawing the line--the underinclusivity objection, and unconstitutional--the equal protection objection; and conclusion'the prospects for replication. '[G]ay men and trans women detained in the Jail [Unit K6G] are relatively free from the sexual harassment and forced or coerced sexual conduct that can be the daily lot of sexual minorities in other men's carceral facilities' (p. 3).
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