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Trauma-Informed Care: Best Practices and Protocols for Ohio’s Domestic Violence Programs

Publication year: 2011 | Cataloged on: May. 16, 2013
Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: Best practices and protocols integrating trauma-informed care into domestic violence programs are described. While this manual is designed for domestic violence programs outside of correctional settings, the content can easily be used in institutional and community based programming. Sections contained in this manual are: introduction; understanding trauma; responding to trauma survivors; trauma-informed care best practices; trauma-informed care protocols; and caring for the caregiver—understanding vicarious trauma. Appendixes provide: Trauma-Informed Care Checklist; Trauma-Informed Best Practices; Suggest Best Practices for Child Victims of Domestic Violence; Trauma-Informed Care and Strengths Based Approach; resources; and a case study.
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