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Is There a Link between Child Welfare and Disproportionate Minority Contact in Juvenile Justice

Publication year: 2011 | Cataloged on: Apr. 22, 2013

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  • 2011
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Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: “African-American children are represented in foster care and other child welfare placements at a rate more than twice their representation in the U.S. child population. Like others in the child welfare system they tend to be victims of physical abuse and neglect—the very children who are at increased risk of juvenile delinquency … This study looked at whether the population of youth moving between child welfare and juvenile justice contributes to DMC [disproportionate minority contact] in juvenile justice” (p. 1). Sections of this brief include: background; the study; whether the child welfare system contributes to DMC in juvenile justice; whether being in child welfare makes a youth more likely to experience formal processing not having their charges dropped; and implications for policy and practice. It appears that the child welfare system contributes a great deal to African American youth being involved in the juvenile justice system.
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