U.S. Department of Justice

Ten-Point Plan for Fair and Effective Criminal Justice for Children

Publication year: 2012 | Cataloged on: May. 17, 2013
ANNOTATION: “The following Ten-Point Plan focuses on ways that law and policy makers and criminal justice practitioners can respond effectively and positively to children in conflict with the law by focussing on: prevention, diverting children from the adult justice system, rehabilitation and promoting alternative sanctions to imprisonment. It is based on relevant international instruments” (p. 1). Juvenile justice agencies in the United States, looking to reform their systems, will find some useful strategies in this publication. Descriptions are provided for the following actions: develop and implement a crime prevention strategy for children; collect accurate evidence and data on the administration of criminal justice for children and use this to inform policy reform; increase the age of criminal responsibility; set up a separate criminal justice system for children with trained staff; abolish status offenses; ensure that children have the right to be heard; invest in diverting children from the formal criminal justice system; use detention as a last resort; and develop and implement reintegration and rehabilitation programming.
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