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The National Institute of Justice’s Evaluation of Second Chance Act Adult Reentry Courts: Program Characteristics and Preliminary Themes from Year 1

Publication year: 2013 | Cataloged on: Jul. 10, 2013
ANNOTATION: Results from an initial cross-site process evaluation of eight Second Chance Act (SCA) funded reentry courts are presented. Sections of this report include: introduction; reentry courts defined; the NIJ’s Evaluation of Second Chance Act Adult Reentry Courts (NESCAARC) evaluation; selected grantees and the courts’ location; program context—start-up vs. expansion, integration with drug courts, and mechanisms for judicial authority; pre-entry courts; target population and enrollment—criminal justice status, duration of incarceration/post-release supervision, risk level, other eligibility criteria, exclusion criteria, point of identification of eligible individuals for program participation, mandatory vs. voluntary participation, and cumulative enrollment and capacity; pre-release enrollment considerations; program components and services—court monitoring and responses, supervision, drug testing, case management, family involvement, services, community involvement, and aftercare; findings from observation data on decision-making during reentry court team staffings and court hearings; and conclusions and next steps. The process evaluation will continue to examine the re-entry courts’ implementation with a focus on related challenges. An impact evaluation and cost-benefit evaluation are currently ongoing.
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