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Jails: Conducting Security Threat Group and Gang Interviews in a Pre-trial Setting

Publication year: 2013 | Cataloged on: Mar. 10, 2014

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  • 2013
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Thumbnail preview ANNOTATION: “One of the most important aspects of classification and the subsequent housing of individuals being booked into your facilities is the ability to identify who is a security threat to your facility, inmates and staff. Street and prison gang members pose the greatest risk to the safe and secure operation of your facility if not classified correctly. One the most important indicators of gang membership or association other than tattoos is the interview … For the purpose of this article the main focus will be on interviews conducted for the purpose of identifying individuals who are suspected of being involved in either street gang or prison gang activity” (p. 1). Topics discussed include: interview versus interrogation; being prepared for the interview; preparing for the interview; gang interviews; making sure the questioning is not vague; and when an inmate requests to talk to you.
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