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10 Facts About Women in Jails

Publication year: 2013

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  • 2013
  • 4 pages
"Although men comprise the majority (93%) of State and local corrections populations, currently more than 1 million adult women are involved in or under the custody and control of the criminal justice system. As of 2012, the number of women in local jails was 90,100 … Over the past 30 years, research in the fields of health, mental health, substance abuse, and violence against women coupled with research and practice in criminal justice has revealed that women offenders face challenges that are not only different from their male counterparts, but that also greatly influence their involvement in criminal justice, including jails. This article describes “10 facts” that corrections professionals should know about working with women in jails" (p. 1). Some of these facts are: women are much less likely to be public safety risks than men; many women have been victimized and traumatized before entering correctional facilities and continue to be at risk for victimization while incarcerated; women respond better if jail staff follow evidence-based, gender-responsive principles; and the cost of excessively entangling women in criminal justice is high.

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