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A Guide to Evidence-Based Prisoner Reentry Practices

Publication year: 2011

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  • 2011
  • 250 pages
"This guide is based on a review of the voluminous and robust base of literature on effective correctional practices as well as research from relevant social sciences. It is intended to inform local policy and practice and promote the maximization of resources. While aimed at corrections, it is hoped that all partners in reentry will find useful information" (p. i). Sections comprising this document are: introduction and overview; evidence-based practice (EBP) concepts; cultural considerations; collaboration and service delivery; residential stability and housing; employment readiness; social support; health and behavioral health—mental health care, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), substance use disorders (SUDs) treatment, and interventions for sex offending; and summary and conclusions. Also included is a very good "Quick Reference Guide" to effective and unproven/ineffective interventions and programs for substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders (CODs), domestic violence, sex offending, intermediate sanctions, work and educational programs, mental illness, criminogenic need/risk, supervision, housing, trauma, and children and families.