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Document 024287
Thinking Errors Defined
By Barnhart, Tracy. corrections.com (Quincy, MA).
These definitions of criminal thinking errors will assist the reader in determining where inmates are coming from. Errors covered are: anger; assuming; avoiding the hot iron; blaming; confusion; excuses; fact stacking; fronting; grandiosity or maximizing; minimizing; helplessness; hopovers; hot shot or cockiness; I can’t attitude; it’s mine or entitlement; justifying; keeping score; lack of empathy; let’s fight or splitting; lying; making fools of; Mr. Goodguy; my way or no way; pet me; powerpla... Read More
8 p.
Document 024288
Deviance and Corruption
By Barnhart, Tracy. corrections.com (Quincy, MA).
This article would make an excellent addition to any course about correctional professionalism and ethics. Topics covered include: the myth of the rotten apple; gratuity; perjury; brutality; profanity; sex on duty or duty-related; sleeping on duty; drinking and abusing drugs on or off duty; misuse of confidential information; corrections code of ethics; a vision of ethical operation; and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.... Read More
6 p.
Document 024289
Gang Clothing
By Barnhart, Tracy. corrections.com (Quincy, MA).
The unique contribution of this article is its list of sports team apparel/logos and associated gangs. In addition, the general clothing and styles worn by gangs are described.... Read More
3 p.
Document 024290
Verbalization De-escalation Grid
By Barnhart, Tracy. corrections.com (Quincy, MA).
This concise explanation of how to verbally de-escalate a potentially violent encounter is conveniently laid out in a four-level process that provides appropriate words and actions to use. The reader can easily utilize the advice of the author for getting non-violent compliance from an aggressive offender.... Read More
3 p.
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