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Document 029573
Applying Research and Evidence to Achieve Public Safety
By Carey, Mark.
This is a very good presentation for those people looking for an overview of evidence based practices (EBPs) and ways for adopting them. Some of the topics discussed include: what evidence-based practice (EBP) is and what are its potential benefits; the need for a risk assessment; what criminogenic needs are and how are they used; programs that work and why; the top ten "never events" we should stop doing; and next steps--the Evidence-Based Decision Making Initiative, adopted next steps for the ... Read More
111 pages
Document 025566
Case Plans Step by Step
By Carey, Mark. The Carey Group (White Bear Lake, MN).
A process for conducting case planning “which engages the offender, properly targets the needs for intervention, is flexible and adaptable, and used as a form of “contact” between the supervising officer and probationer” is described (p. 1). The steps are: engage the offender; identify risk and criminogenic needs; review sentencing conditions; assess offender motivation; identify offender strengths; identify offender triggers; build the plan; and modify it as needed.... Read More
2 pages
Document 025567
Optimism Survey
By Carey, Mark. The Carey Group (White Bear Lake, MN).
This 30 question survey assesses the degree to which individuals are feeling optimistic about their lives. The survey shows: the responder’s pessimism score when bad things happen; optimism score when good things take place; total optimism score; and how hopeful one is when negative things occur.... Read More
6 pages
Document 025563
EBP Step-By-Step Planning Guide: Six Phases toward Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices for Risk Reduction
By Carey, Mark. The Carey Group (White Bear Lake, MN).
The implementation of evidence-base practice (EBP) in community corrections is clearly explained. These six phases are: prepare for implementation; build a foundation for risk reduction; begin stakeholder collaboration; master the core correctional competencies; implement continuous quality improvement processes; and develop infrastructural supports for sustainability.... Read More
14 pages
Document 025565
Offender Exit Survey
By Carey, Mark. The Carey Group (White Bear Lake, MN).
This Offender Exit Survey is given to an offender upon their release from community supervision. It is comprised of 11 questions ranging from “I was treated with respect by my supervising officer” to “Overall, I was pleased with how my supervision went.”... Read More
1 page
Document 021041
Implementing Effective Correctional Management of Offenders in the Community: Outcome and Process Measures
By Bogue, Brad; Woodward, Bill; Campbell, Nancy; Carey, Mark; Clawson, Elyse; Faust, Dorothy; Florio, Kate; Goldberg, Andrew Joplin, Lore Wasson, Billy. National Institute of Corrections. Community Corrections Division (Washington, DC).
Outcome and process measures used to gage the effectiveness of the Integrated Model in reducing offender recidivism are presented. Each component found within a measure has information regarding its definition, tool/data source, description, frequency, and individual who collects the data. Components are organized into the following measures: recidivism; risk; proxy risk; supervision length; dosage; revocation and violation; program effectiveness; assessment; case plan; workload; violations; org... Read More
15 p.
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