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Document 025653
Community Reentry after Prison Drug Treatment: Learning from Sheridan Therapeutic Community Program Participants
By Reichert, Jessica; Ruzich, Dawn; Campbell, Rebecca. U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (Washington, DC). Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (Chicago, IL).
Results from an evaluation of the Sheridan Correctional Center National Drug Prison and Reentry Program are provided. Agencies would be wise to read this report if they are thinking of creating a similar program or revamping an existing one. Findings are reported for: sample demographics; background prior to Sheridan; experiences at Sheridan; preparation for reentry; experience in the community; relapse; recidivism; and additional comments. Graduates of this program remained (on average) two yea... Read More
87 pages
Document 025490
An Examination of Admissions, Exits and End-of-the-Year Populations of Adult Female Inmates in the Illinois Department of Corrections, State Fiscal Years 1989 – 2011
By Olson, David E.; Escobar, Gipsy; Stalans, Loretta. U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (Washington, DC). Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (Chicago, IL); Loyola University Chicago. Dept. of Criminal Justice and Criminology (Chicago, IL).
Trends seen over a 23 year period for Illinois’ female inmate population are described. Sections following an executive summary include: introduction; total admission, exits, and end of the year population of females; distinguishing between court admission and technical violation of MSR (mandatory supervised release) admissions; female court admissions by felony class and crime type; characteristics of female prison admissions; differences between admissions and end-of-the-year populations; reci... Read More
33 pages
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