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Formal System Processing of Juveniles: Effects on Delinquency
By Petrosino, Anthony; Turpin-Petrosino, Carolyn; Guckenburg, Sarah. Campbell Collaboration (Oslo, Norway).
Anyone evaluating the ability of their juvenile processing system to reduce delinquency will want to peruse this report. Results are organized into the following areas: processing effects on prevalence--first, longest, and strongest effects; incidence—reduction in number of offenses; severity; self-report data; sensitivity; and moderator analysis. “Given the overall negative results for juvenile system processing across these studies and outcome measures, jurisdictions should review their own po... Read More
88 p.
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Mentoring Interventions to Affect Juvenile Delinquency and Associated Problems
By Tolan, Patrick; Henry, David; Schoeny, Michael; Bass, Arin. University of Illinois at Chicago. Institute for Juvenile Research (Chicago, IL); Jerry Lee Foundation (Philadelphia, PA). University of Illinois at Chicago. Institute for Juvenile Research (Chicago, IL); Campbell Collaboration (Oslo, Norway).
A "review of selective and indicated mentoring interventions that have been evaluated for their effects on delinquency outcomes for youth . . . and key associated outcomes" is presented (p. 2). Sections in addition to a synopsis and abstract include: background; objectives; methods -- criteria for inclusion and exclusion of studies in review; results; and conclusions. "These results suggest mentoring, at least as represented by the included studies, has positive effects for these important publ... Read More
115 p.
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