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Document 031409
Enhancing Care for Childbearing Women and their Babies in Prison
By O'Keeffe, Caroline; Dixon, Lesley. Barrow Cadbury Trust (London, England). Sheffield Hallam University. Hallam Centre for Community Justice (Sheffield, England); Family Lives. Action for Prisoners' and Offenders Families (APOF) (Hatfield, England).
This report explains how mothers and their babies can benefit from being held in a prison-based Mother and Baby Unit (MBU). "All available research suggests that the struggles of childbearing women in prison are extremely complex. And whilst their babies represent a relatively small proportion of all children affected by maternal imprisonment, they are arguably the neediest and most vulnerable group. This report documents the findings of a collaborative research project … The project aimed to m... Read More

81 pages
Document 028143
Best Practices in the Use of Restraints with Pregnant Women Under Correctional Custody
By King, Kristen. U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) (Washington, DC). National Task Force on the Use of Restraints with Pregnant Women under Correctional Custody (Washington, DC); Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) (Silver Spring, MD).
These standards were developed to "articulate a set of principles to guide agencies and jurisdictions in the development of local policy and practice. These best practices are relevant across a variety of settings including criminal justice, juvenile justice, psychiatric and forensic hospitals, law enforcement transport, and others. This document refers and applies to both women (age 18 years and older) and girls (younger than age 18) who are pregnant, laboring and delivering, or in the post-par... Read More
28 pages
Document 027920
Through the Eyes of a Child: Life with a Mother in Prison
Volunteers of America (Alexandria, VA). Wilder Research (St. Paul, MN).
This report attempts to discover how the children involved in the Volunteers of America (VOA) initiative Look Up and Hope (LUH) feel while their mother has been incarcerated. It sheds a light on the experiences of this special population of children and offers a way other jurisdictions can approach helping these kids. Sections of this publication include: background and purpose—the growing family problem of incarcerated mothers, and the creation of the LUH program; key findings—children with mot... Read More
16 pages
Document 029605
Women in the Criminal Justice System: Towards a Non-Custodial Approach
By Quinlan, Christina; Mulcahy, Jane; Costello, Liza, editor. Irish Prison Reform Trust (IPRT) (Dublin, Ireland).
"The past decade has seen dramatic changes in relation to the profile of women in prison in Ireland, one of the most profound being the doubling of the numbers of women imprisoned. Unfortunately, such changes have not been accompanied by advancements in the way in which the criminal justice system deals with women offenders. On the contrary, the conditions for many women prisoners in Ireland have deteriorated, while community-based alternatives for women offenders remain underexplored" (p. 2). T... Read More
24 pages
Document 026990
Health, Justice, Women: Behavioral Health and OB/GYN [Internet Broadcast]
National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC).
Data continues to show that women are entering the justice system at rates exceeding male offenders and bring with them extremely complex and multi-layered behavioral and physical health issues. While systems must make choices on how best to deploy limited staffing and programming resources, this broadcast series is an opportunity to explore methods of coordination between behavioral and physical health care. This broadcast is the 2nd offering in a two part series addressing health related issue... Read More
2 video DVDs (157 minutes) + 1 data DVD
Document 027701
Pregnancy- and Child- Related Legal and Policy Issues Concerning Justice-Involved Women
By Raeder, Myrna. NIC Grant no. 11B7401; National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC).
Do you need detailed information about how to manage inmate mothers? Then this publication is for you. It “provides an overview of pregnancy- and child-related legal questions concerning justice-involved women that can be raised in correctional settings … Understanding how family-based legal issues affect women offenders is important in designing programs to ensure the best outcomes for women and their children, not just in jail or prison settings but also in probation, parole, and community cor... Read More
68 pages
Document 017272
Services for Families of Prison Inmates
National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). LIS, Inc. (Longmont, CO); National Institute of Corrections Information Center (Longmont, CO); National Institute of Corrections. Prisons Division (Washington, DC).
Responses from 54 agencies that answered this survey are analyzed and reported. The following sections are contained in this report: introduction; project method; agency initiatives related to families of inmates; facility assignment and visitation assistance; services for inmates with children; services to pregnant inmates and mothers of infants and young children; provision of parenting and parent-child programs in men's and women's prisons; program evaluations; and conclusion. Involvement in ... Read More
15 p.
Document 011153
Camp Celebration: Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children Camping Together, Dwight Correctional Center, Research Report, 1990
By Stumbo, Norma J.; Little, Sandra L.. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC); National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). Illinois Dept. of Corrections (Springfield, IL); Dwight Correctional Center (Dwight, IL).
This report reviews a federally grant-funded program to provide a camping program for incarcerated women and their children through the Dwight Correctional Center in Illinois. This review of the program describes the camping and pre-camping activities, the women who participated, and the results of the "Camp Celebration" program. As well, the report describes other parenting programs offered at the correctional center.... Read More
30 p.
Document 007490
Task Force on Women, Children, and the Criminal Justice System
National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). Connecticut General Assembly. Task Force on Women, Children, and the Criminal Justice System (Hartford, CT); Connecticut. The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women (Hartford, CT).
The Task Force was established in 1987 to examine issues surrounding female offenders and their children, and the impact of the justice system from arrest to re-entry into the community. This document includes both an executive summary, and final report and recommendations.... Read More
90 p.
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