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Document 027011
Prison and Libraries: Public Service Inside and Out
By Lilienthal, Stephen M..
If you are interested in library services to incarcerated individuals then this article is the place to start. It provides an excellent introduction to the services institutional libraries provide to their users. Topics discussed include; forging public-prison cooperation; Hennepin County’s “ticket to freedom”; a welcoming video; San Diego reintegration; preparing to measure success; equipping tools for financial literacy; Denver reaching out; new challenges for libraries; arts on the inside; an... Read More
14 pages
Document 026199
Library Services for Youth in Custody
Colorado State Library. Library Services for Youth in Custody (LSYC) (Denver, CO).
If you are looking for one website that offers a great assortment of materials regarding the provision of library services to incarcerated youth, then this is the place for you. “All across America, youth are incarcerated or detained with little or no access to high-interest, culturally relevant library materials or engaging programming. Research has shown that free and independent reading is the number one tool to improve literacy, a vital component to reducing recidivism. Because youth come fr... Read More
Document 026582
15 Amazing Effects of Prison Libraries
'The majority of inmates in America's prisons have low levels of education and some can barely read, write, or use a computer. These are all skills that are necessary to make it on the outside without returning to a life of crime, and prison libraries offer inmates the chance to learn all of these things and more. While prison libraries aren't a panacea for what ails America's prison system, they do offer some important benefits that are well worth considering. Some of these benefits are: inmate... Read More
11 pages
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