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Document 027012
State Motivational Boot Camp
Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing (Harrisburg, PA).
The purpose behind the “establishment of Pennsylvania's Motivational Boot Camp [is] to address the prison-overcrowding problem and to offer an alternative program to enable offenders to desist from crime”. This website provides access to information about this program. It could come in useful if your agency is looking to develop or retool your own boot camp program. The latest report is “What We Have Learned Over the Past 17 Years? 2011 Report to the Legislature”.... Read More
Document 027013
Innovation Brief: Using Risk Assessment to Meet Needs and Reduce Recidivism
By Vincent, Gina M.; Guy, Laura S.. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Models for Change (Chicago, IL).
“A growing number of juvenile justice experts are suggesting that an effective approach to reducing recidivism is to evaluate a youth’s risk of reoffending, then match services to his or her specific risk factors.” The adoption of Pennsylvania’s county-based offices juvenile probation offices of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS) for evaluating a youth’s risk for recidivating is examined. Sections of this brief include: the issue of risk assessment of juveniles; innovatio... Read More
4 pages
Document 025806
Boot Camp Correctional
World News (London, England).
If you need some audio-visual material concerning boot camp programs this website is for you. It provides access to videos primarily from the United States about various issues surrounding the use of adult and juvenile boot camps.... Read More
Document 025736
Pennsylvania’s Motivational Boot Camp Program: What Have We Learned Over the Last Seventeen Years?
By Kempinen, Cynthia A.. Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing (State College, PA).
This bulletin provides a great review of the longer report by the same name (which can be found at the second link). It shows the positive impact the Motivational Boot Camp has on reducing costs to the state and recidivism. Sections of this bulletin are: highlights and recommendations; legislative history; legislative reports; what the Motivational Boot Camp is; who goes to boot camp—demographic and criminal justice factors; attitudinal and behavioral changes among boot camp graduates; boot camp... Read More
6 pages
Document 027264
Constitutional Law--Cross-Gender Pat Searches: The Battle Between Inmates and Corrections Officers Enters the Courtroom
By Gallagher, Robyn.
The issue of cross-gender pat searches is bound to impact a correctional agency. What is unique about this article is that it takes a detailed look at the conflict between the rights of inmates not to be subjected to pat frisks by a member of the opposite sex and the right of correctional staff not to be discriminated against in regards to their gender and opportunities for employment. This Note is divided into four parts that address: cross-gender pat searches and various prisoners’ rights—the ... Read More
56 pages
Document serial636
Successful Job Placement for Ex-Offenders: The Center for Employment Opportunities
By Finn, Peter. National Institute of Justice (Washington, DC); National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC); U.S. Dept. of Education. Office of Correctional Ed. National Institute of Justice (Washington, DC).
The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) in New York City provides newly released offenders, primarily boot camp releasees, with a program designed to ease their reintegration into society. This "Program Focus" describes the transition from work crew participation to job placement interview, to permanent employment, to follow-up services. Responsibilities of the CEO staff, its relationship with the community, its success rate, and testimonials from CEO participants are included. ... Read More
19 p.
Document 013469
Boot Camp Program Planning and Facility Design: Residential and Community Program Components
By Swanson, Richard M.. National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Longmont, CO).
Developed for NIC Jails Division's Boot Camp Workshop, this document outlines the steps necessary in implementing such a program. It provides lesson plans on planning and staffing issues, as well as overheads and forms used in the workshop.... Read More
54 p.
Document 008750
Proceedings of the First Meeting of the Large Jail Network, June 3-5, 1990, Denver, Colorado
National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Boulder, CO). National Institute of Corrections Information Center (Boulder, CO); LIS, Inc. (Boulder, CO).
Titles of Topic Sessions include: Systems Approaches to Jail Crowding and Population Management; Managing the Crowded Jail; Special Programs; and Boot Camps.... Read More
23 p.
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