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Ramsey County Proxy Tool Norming & Validation Results
By Meredith, Tammy. National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC). Applied Research Services, Inc. (ARS) (Atlanta, GA).
Results are presented from a norming and validation study of the Ramsey County Proxy assessment tool. “The Proxy is three-question screening instrument used to triage community corrections populations for the purpose of moving those at low risk to minimum supervision without further assessment” (p. 1). Sections of this document cover: background and methodology; individual Proxy items’ relative importance; further examination of offending patterns; development of the proposed assessment tool; an... Read More

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The Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in Prisons and Jails: A State Survey
By Torrey, E. Fuller; Zdanowicz, Mary T.; Kennard, Aaron D.; Lamb, H. Richard; Eslinger, Donald F.; Biasotti, Michael C.; Fuller, Doris A.. Treatment Advocacy Center (Arlington, VA).
“Prisons and jails have become America’s “new asylums”: The number of individuals with serious mental illness in prisons and jails now exceeds the number in state psychiatric hospitals tenfold. Most of the mentally ill individuals in prisons and jails would have been treated in the state psychiatric hospitals in the years before the deinstitutionalization movement led to the closing of the hospitals, a trend that continues even today. The treatment of mentally ill individuals in prisons and jail... Read More

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Resilience in Corrections: A Proactive Approach to Changing Conditions
By Connelly, Michael; Feldman, David. National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC).
“This white paper describes the issues facing corrections policy and leadership as the impacts of climate change and its related consequences confront departments, agencies, and facilities in coming years. Not only will corrections have to manage the effects of more extreme weather and temperatures than in the past. Corrections will also have to develop and improve its flexibility and resiliency in its operations to weather the multiple coming changes while maintaining its core functions of prot... Read More

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Probation Job Descriptions
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) (Williamsburg, VA).
If you are looking for samples of duties and qualifications other agencies apply to their own probation officers this is the first place you should turn to. A large number of probation job descriptions can be found at this webpage. Probation positions are grouped according to Chief Probation Officer, Supervising Program Officer, Probation Officers/Assistants, and Pre-Trial Services.... Read More
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Request for Proposals for Sumter County Misdemeanor Probation Services
Board of Sumter County Commissioners. Financial Services Department (Wildwood, FL).
"The goal of this RFP is to provide misdemeanor probation services to our customers, Monday-Friday and some Saturdays (as needed), while maintaining or improving current quantity and quality of customer services at no cost to Sumter County." This RFP is divided into five parts: intent and general information, evaluation and award, proposals submittal, proposals documents, and scope of services.... Read More
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