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Felony Disenfranchisement: An Annotated Bibliography
By Bronstein, Benjamin; Pierce, Jerome; Sangster, Achilles, II; Mauer, Marc, editor. The Sentencing Project (Washington, DC).
“This bibliography provides an overview of the scholarship on felony disenfranchisement over the past two decades … it will prove useful to policymakers, scholars, journalists, and others engaged in examining this fundamental issue of democratic participation” (p. 1). Annotations are provided for 71 journal articles and five books.... Read More
37 pages
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Political Consequences of the Carceral State
By Weaver, Vesla M.; Lerman, Amy E..
This study is “the first systematic empirical exploration of how criminal justice involvement shapes the citizenship, political capital, and political voice of a growing swath of Americans” (p. 2). These sections follow and abstract: the political impact of the carceral state; characterizing the punitive intervention; understanding how the carceral state shapes citizenship; data and measures; results for the relationship between custodial involvement and political attitudes and behavior, reduced... Read More
59 p.
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Legal and Evidence Based Practices: Application of Legal Principles, Laws, and Research to the Field of Pretrial Services
By VanNostrand, Marie. National Institute of Corrections. Community Corrections Division (Washington, DC). Luminosity, Inc. (St. Petersburg, FL); Crime and Justice Institute (Boston, MA); National Institute of Corrections. Community Corrections Division (Washington, DC).
"[C]ritical legal principles applicable to defendants during the pretrial stage" are covered (p.3). Sections of this paper are: introduction and background; pretrial legal foundation -- presumption of innocence, right to counsel, right against self-incrimination, right to due process of law, right to equal protection under the law, right to bail that is not excessive, and summary of legal principles; evidence-based practices in pretrial services and community corrections; and summary and conclu... Read More
33 p.
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