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Document 029773
How Much Time Should Prisoners Serve?
By Austin, James.
This is an excellent exploration regarding the impacts of increased length of stay (LOS) on the population of incarcerated individuals and the subsequent recidivism of those offenders. Sections of this article address: drivers of prison, parole, probation, and jail populations; justifications for longer prison terms—general or specific deterrence, and general and selective incapacitation; what the evidence shows; and policy implications. "The science on how much time prisoners should serve from ... Read More
3 pages
Document 026169
Time Served: The High Cost, Low Return of Longer Prison Terms
By Gelb, Adam; King, Ryan; Rose, Felicity. Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew Center on the States. Public Safety Performance Project (Washington, DC).
The intent of these resources is to “present a state-level portrait of how time served has changed during the past 20 years, how it has impacted prison populations and costs, and how policy makers can adjust it to generate a better public safety return on taxpayer dollars” (full report p. 2). The full report explains how increased lengths of stay have had negative effects on state prisons. Sections following an executive summary include: introduction; length of stay in states; unpacking the num... Read More
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