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Document 029970
United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Mandela Rules)
United Nations. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) (New York, NY).
"The following rules are not intended to describe in detail a model system of penal institutions. They seek only, on the basis of the general consensus of contemporary thought and the essential elements of the most adequate systems of today, to set out what is generally accepted as being good principles and practice in the treatment of prisoners and prison management" (p. 8). These standards are divided into two parts. Part I--Rules of General Application: five basic principles; prisoner file ma... Read More

36 pages
Document 029568
Criminal Justice Restraints Standard NIJ Standard 1001.00
National Institute of Justice (NIJ) (Washington, DC).
"This standard specifies the minimum requirements for form and fit, performance, testing, documentation and labeling of restraints intended to be used by criminal justice personnel to restrain subjects. This standard addresses only wrist to wrist and ankle to ankle restraints. This standard does not specify requirements for aftermarket keys or any accessories. All testing required in this standard shall be performed with no accessories attached. This standard does not address any restraint const... Read More
66 pages
Document 027014
Performance Measures Committee/PBMS: Library
Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) (Hagerstown, MD).
“The Performance Measures Committee uses a Performance Based Measures System (PBMS) to define correctional standards in keeping with contemporary practice; to delineate measures of performance for each standard; to establish key indicators for each measure; to institute counting rules for each indicator; to store the measures on a web database; to produce reports of correctional performance; and to conduct appropriate comparisons of performance across jurisdictions.” Access is provided to essent... Read More
Document 025747
Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People
By World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Inc. (WPATH) (Minneapolis, MN).
“The overall goal of the SOC [Standards of Care] is to provide clinical guidance for health professionals to assist transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming people with safe and effective pathways to achieving lasting personal comfort with their gendered selves, in order to maximize their overall health, psychological well-being, and self-fulfillment … While this is primarily a document for health professionals, the SOC may also be used by individuals, their families, and social instit... Read More
120 pages
Document 019689
LJN Exchange, Annual Issue 2004; Large Jail Network Exchange, Annual Issue 2004
By (Multiple). National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). LIS, Inc. (Longmont, CO); National Institute of Corrections Information Center (Longmont, Colorado).
This issue includes: Foreword, by Richard Geaither, National Institute of Corrections Jails Division; You Can Do It: Putting an End to Pharmacy Cost Increases, by Mike Kalonick, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Detention Bureau; Accreditation for Adult Local Detention Facilities: Moving from Process Measures to Outcome Measures, by Bob Verdeyen, American Correctional Association; Got Training? Training as a Strategic Management Tool for Performance Enhancement, by Tom Reid, Na... Read More
56 p.
Document 020265
Standards on Pretrial Release
National Institute of Corrections. Community Corrections Division (Washington, DC). National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (Wauwatosa, WI).
Effective procedures governing the release or detention of arrested individuals are presented. Thirty-four standards and related commentary are organized into the following four parts: general principles governing the pretrial process; nature of first appearance and release/decision; purposes, roles, and functions of pretrial services agencies; and management and oversight of pretrial processes following initial decision concerning release or detention.... Read More
88 p.
Document 018966
Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2003
National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Longmont, CO).
These proceedings are comprised of: Highlights of the Meeting Sessions; Stay Awake or You Will Trip Over the Future by Tom Esensten; Video Presentation: Beyond the Myths: Jails in Your Community introduced by Virginia Hutchinson; Defining the Future and Exploring Organizational Strategies by Esensten: Future Trends and Their Impact on Jail Management by Marilyn Chandler Ford; Jail Population Growth: Sources of Growth and Stability by Allen Beck; Jail Standards and Accreditation: Are There Still ... Read More
55 p.
Document 012475
Prison Suicide: An Overview and Guide to Prevention
By Hayes, Lindsay M.. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (Mansfield, MA); National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC).
This monograph presents a review of the literature and of national and state standards for prison suicide prevention, as well as national data on the incidence and rate of prison suicide, effective prevention programs, and discussion of liability issues. Topics also discussed include staff training, intake screening/assessment, housing, levels of supervision, intervention and administrative review. The document also examines the role of the courts in shaping prison suicide policy. ... Read More
108 p.
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