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Document 024357
Constituent Services Informational Handbook
Arizona Dept. of Corrections. Constituent Services Office (Phoenix, AZ).
“This handbook is provided as a general resource to the public’ (p.3). This is a good example of a guide to basic policies for families and the press. Sections include: introduction; acronyms; inmate management; programs and services (including the “Visitor Checklist”); and release and community supervision.... Read More
32 p.
Document 027266
The Impact of Family Visitation on Incarcerated Youth’s Behavior and School Performance: Findings from the Families as Partners Project
By Agudelo, Sandra Villalobos. Vera Institute of Justice. Family Justice Program (New York, NY).
Anyone involved with programming for incarcerated youth should read this report. It can be used to bolster ones attempt to develop family visitation programs in your agency. The positive impact of family visitation on the behavior and school performance of incarcerated youth is examined. The number of behavioral incidents decreased as visits increased. School performance for those who had frequent visits was 4.6 points higher than those youth who were not visited. “Despite the benefits of family... Read More
6 pages
Document 028105
The Impact of Family Visitation on Incarcerated Youth's Behavior and School Performance: Findings from the Families as Partners Project
By Agudelo, Sandra Villalobos. Vera Institute of Justice (New York, NY).
The relationships between family visitation and an incarcerated youth's behavior and performance in school are examined. The project studied was Families as Partners, a collaboration between the Vera Institute and Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS). Sections of this brief include: introduction; background about the collaboration; data and methodology for this study; findings regarding the impact of visitation on behavior and school performance—youth characteristics, family contact frequency... Read More
6 pages
Document 027267
A Guidebook for Implementing Juvenile Justice 101
By Walker, Sarah Cusworth; Pullmann, Michael; Trupin, Eric; Hansen, Jacquelyn; Ague, Starcia. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (Chicago, IL). Washington Models for Change (Seattle, WA); University of Washington (UW) Medicine. Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy (Seattle, WA).
This publication is a great source for information regarding the development and implementation of a family-driven program intended to reduce the recidivism of incarcerated youth. It will provide food for thought about creating such a program in your agency. Juvenile Justice 101 is a program that provides justice-involved families with essential information about the juvenile justice system, one-on-one support, and connections to community resources. It is run by caregivers of children who went ... Read More
62 pages
Document 027895
Prison Video Conferencing
By Doyle, Patrick; Fordy, Camille; Haight, Aaron. University of Vermont. Vermont Legislative Research Service (Burlington, VT).
“With the costs of running the nation’s correctional systems and overcrowding at an all-time high, correctional facilities are looking for new and better ways to manage the needs of inmates while maximizing their available resources. Implementing video conferencing systems in correctional institutions may be a viable means of replacing or supplementing traditional visitation occurring within a facility. Video conferencing technology can also be used to remotely conduct medical consultations, and... Read More
6 pages
Document 026127
The Effects of Prison Visitation on Offender Recidivism
Minnesota Dept. of Corrections (St. Paul, MN).
The influence visitation has on the recidivism of visited prisoners is examined. Sections of this report include: research summary; introduction; prison visitation policies; reentry and social support; prison visitation research; methodology; results for descriptive statistics, impact of visitation on time to first felony reconviction, impact of visitation on time to first revocation, and impact of inmate-visitor relationship on time to first reconviction; conclusion; and implications for correc... Read More
41 pages
Document 003334
Policies Regarding Searches of Visitors: A Survey
By Scholes, Patricia. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). National Institute of Corrections Information Center (Longmont, CO); LIS, Inc. (Longmont, CO).
Policies of six western prison facilities and one department of corrections regarding searches of visitors are briefly reported.... Read More
2 p.
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