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Document 032783
National Institute of Corrections' Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Training Courses
National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC).
NIC offers the PREA courses at the NIC Learn Center here: https://nic.learn.com The Learn Center is a full LMS, Learning Management System that will allow individuals to: create an account; start, stop a course and return to where they left off; and create and print a certificate upon successful completion of a course. The purpose of offering these courses on a DVD is to accommodate an institution that does not have access to the Internet and therefore needs another method of providing the... Read More

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Document 025765
Elearning Samples
By Moore, Cathy.
A wealth of links to interactive graphics, simulations, and other examples of e-Learning presentations can be found at this website. Content is organized into the areas of simpler interactions, more advanced interactions, simulations and branching scenarios, vendor demonstrations, artistic and political, and more miscellaneous collections. If you are experiencing a mental block on what e-Learning illustration to use, turn to this website for inspiration.... Read More
Document 025766
Elearning Examples
By Anderson, David.
You will find a wide range of eLearning examples at this website. Some of the samples organized under multimedia learning are: e-learning games and activities; Articulate e-learning examples; multimedia storytelling; audio slide shows; interactive museum; interactive video; interactive Web documentary; photo slide shows; quiz and activities; and video portraits. There are also examples for multimedia journalism, interactive graphics, HTML5 examples, infographics, and archived examples. You want ... Read More
Document 025763
eLearn Magazine
Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. (New York, NY).
“eLearn Magazine is where eLearning professionals turn to produce more innovative and effective online education and training. We strive to be the leading source of high-quality information on technology for corporate training and higher education.” Points of entry to this website’s resources include: best practices and tips; research and case studies; reviews; opinions; blog; and all content at once by date. There is a wealth of information just in the section for best practices. Definitely des... Read More
Document 025764
The Rapid E-Learning Page
By Kuhlmann, Tom.
This is another resource you need in your e-Learning toolkit. Blog posts keep you up-to-date on what’s new and exciting in the world of e-Learning. The author also provides collections of posts organized into the topics: rapid e-Learning 101; designing the right course; instructional design; building scenarios for e-Learning; managing e-Learning projects; PowerPoint for e-Learning; visual and graphic design; and audio and video tips.... Read More
Document 025767
EDUCAUSE (Boulder, CO).
A huge collection of links regarding E-Learning can be found at this website. Resources include overviews, publications, presentations, policies, podcasts, and blogs covering the field of E-Learning. You can lose yourself for days looking over all the resources presented (1015 as of 2-21-12). While this website caters to teachers in higher education, its resources can be tailored to fit most any situation the material is needed for.... Read More
Document 025768
FGDLA Presentations
Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA).
Access to Flash or PowerPoint presentation from FGDLA conferences is available at this website. Presentations from the 2011 Interactive Technologies Conference are: “Learning Styles: Do They Really Matter?” by Jolly Holden; “Telepresence in the Federal Government” by Russ Colbert; and “Government Education & Training Network: A Success Story in Interagency Cooperation for Distance Learning” by Philip Westfall. Presentations from the 2010 Interactive Technologies Conference are: “Instructional ... Read More
Document 022996
Simulated Online/Kiosk Job Application
National Institute of Corrections. Offender Workforce Development Division (Washington, DC).
Each year, more and more employers are requiring job applicants to apply online or at a computer kiosk. Offenders in prisons, jails, parole and probation offices, faith-based agencies, and community-based organizations can use this CD-ROM to practice completing an employment application using a computer that does not have access to the Internet. This simulation training program provides basic information about computerized employment applications, tips for completing online job applications,... Read More
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