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Document 026032
Time and Project Management: Problem Solving
By Landsberger, Joe. Study Guides and Strategies (SGS).
This web portal offers various resources that will get you informed and trained in the basics of time management, problem solving, and project management. Sections of this webpage are: managing time and tasks—time management, creating to-do lists, avoiding procrastination, developing self-discipline, and related exercises; motivating yourself—interactive exercise and its text; problem solving/decision making—overview, defining and gathering, alternatives, implementation, creative problem solving... Read More
Document 026030
Setting Priorities: How to Get the Most Out of Your Time
University of Texas at Austin. Sanger Learning and Career Center (Austin, TX).
This handout explains an excellent time management strategy. “It can be difficult to juggle many different tasks throughout the course of a day, and it can seem like there’s not enough time to get everything done. Here’s a 3-step approach to feeling good about how you spend your time.” The three-steps are: make a list of what things you want to get done; rank them by how urgent and important they are; and prioritize them.... Read More
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