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  • Starts Mar. 09, 2015
    Conducting Security Audits
  • Security is crucial to maintaining staff and inmate safety in a correctional setting. Agencies need to address “nuts and bolts issues” like key control, physical layout of a probation office in response to safety concerns, or intake assessment instruments due to change in facility mission or litigation. Agencies must also prepare to respond to emergencies such as riots or floods to maintain the safety and security of their facilities.

    NIC provides assistance by delivering various programs and resources for correctional agencies. Through training, peer exchange, publications, and onsite assistance, NIC responds to agency needs to improve ongoing security operations.

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    Available Training Opportunities

    • Starts Mar. 09, 2015 - Conducting Security Audits
      With NIC’s hands-on, onsite training, gain the experience of auditing out-of-state institutions of various security levels and missions. This 36-hour training program supplements classroom instruction in auditing protocol with tours of assigned facilities and real-world assignments that put newly trained participants in charge of the auditing process.
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