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Offender Employment Retention Specialist (OERS) Training

NOTE: This event has been postponed. The new dates will be posted when available.
Completed on Jan. 01, 1900--The OERS training combines motivational interviewing techniques with cognitive behavioral principles to teach practitioners how to increase the offenders’ motivation for change while addressing the thoughts and feelings that negatively impact employment retention and successful reentry.


The Employment Retention Initiative supports the development of strength-based programs administered to assess offenders at high risk for job loss, identify specific job loss indicators, and provide support to break the chain of events and/or behaviors that result in termination. A major component of this initiative is the competency-based training for those involved in offender workforce development.

OERS training combines classroom-based and distance-learning instruction, and is the third course in a series (following Offender Employment Specialist and Offender Workforce Development Specialist, respectively). Combining the research-based methods of CBT and MI, practitioners learn to help offenders resolve ambivalence to change, and create a solid foundation for self-exploration.

OERS Pilot


OERS training gives participants the knowledge, skill, and abilities to administer the Employment Retention Inventory. During the ERI interview process, participants help offenders identify precursors to potential job termination, while teaching them how to connect to services that will address recidivism and risk of job loss. The ERI promotes long-term attachment to the workforce.

This 40-hour course includes 4 hours of virtual instructor-led instruction, 4 ½ days of classroom-based training, and 4 hours of lab work. Participants will be able to broaden their ability to develop strategies for change while improving offender outcomes through collaborative partnerships.

In addition to receiving professional certification through the National Workforce Institute (NWI), OERS graduates will also receive 4.5 CEUs. OERS graduates may qualify for additional CEUs for participating in the professional online coaching.


Certified Offender Workforce Development Specialists working with offenders to address the multiple barriers/obstacles affecting their ability to retain gainful employment. Certified Global Career Development Facilitators and Community Corrections Professionals are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must submit the following (in PDF format):

1. Statement of interest (500 words or less) describing:

  • a. Activities as an offender workforce development specialist.
  • b. Motivation for OERS training.

2. Proof of OWDS certification

3. Proof of GCDF certification (if applicable)

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