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Jail Resource Management

NOTE: This event has been postponed. The new dates will be posted when available.
Completed on Jan. 01, 1900--Many jails operate with severely limited resources. In such a fiscal environment, the jail officials must be especially skilled in managing scarce resources.


The jail's physical plant, staff, budget, and community partners are all key resources that are essential to operating effective jails. This three-day program is designed to build the knowledge and skills of participants in securing and managing these key resources. In this program participants will examine how resources contribute to achieving the jail's mission and goals, identify the conditions/factors that influence the availability of resources and how to respond to them, hone skills in resource planning and management, and identify strategies for developing positive relationships with key stakeholders. Participants will learn how to identify and effectively communicate resource needs as part of the ongoing budget process, when emergencies arise, and on a broader strategic basis.


This program is best suited for sheriffs, jail administrators, and others who have leadership issues around resource management in small to medium-sized jails

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