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  • Completed on Feb. 26, 2017

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Executive Excellence Program

Completed on Feb. 26, 2017--This 10-month executive development program offers innovative learner-centered and competency-based training for future leaders of corrections agencies.


The Executive Excellence Program is conducted in two phases, with six blended activities planned between the two, and provides participants with the critical core capabilities, knowledge and skills needed to lead correctional organizations, both now and in the future.

The program is based on the following four models:

  1. Developmental Model: To be successful, future correctional executives must possess a substantive knowledge of the corrections field. They must also be physically fit, ethically grounded, and intellectually challenged.

  2. Assessment and Feedback Model: Executives are more effective when they thoroughly understand themselves through systematic and constructive feedback from their bosses, peers, colleagues, faculty, and direct reports.

  3. Correctional CEO Model: Tomorrow's correctional leaders must have a clear vision, both personally and professionally, think strategically, be action-oriented, and be ethical. They must also be continuous learners, collaborators and team builders, catalysts for change, risk takers, and politicians.

  4. Executive Leadership Developmental Model: Participants create an action-oriented plan to help ensure future success.


    Upper-level executives of jails, prisons, and community corrections agencies (e.g., deputy directors, assistant commissioners) on career ladders for chief executive officer positions.

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